Who can see your projects

Your project is accessible only to the account owner, any account admins, and those people whom you explicitly invite to the project (unless you’ve made the project public, in which case anyone who knows the project’s URL can see it). Please see our Privacy Policy for more details on content and privacy.

Registered Tracker users can create projects in their own accounts, or in other accounts if given project creator permission. Project owners can invite other users to these projects (subject to free or paid plan limits). Users can only access projects that they were explicitly invited to by the project’s owners, or projects that were explicitly designated as public by their owner(s).

Here are three ways users can access data in private projects that they have been invited to:

  • Sign in to Tracker with a username and password or their Google identity.

  • Access the API programmatically with the unique token associated with their Tracker login, via any integration set up to specifically share that information.

  • Use webhook activity feeds. API and webhook access to projects can be explicitly disabled by project owners.

Project members, account admins, and the account owner have the ability to access their projects at all times, regardless of payment status. If an account is over plan limits, past the Free Trial period and over free plan limits, or in delinquent payment status, all project information can still be accessed, but only in read-only mode.

Project members, account admins, and the account owner can export current project data to CSV files at any time.

Archived projects cannot be directly accessed, but can be restored by their project members, account admins, and the owner of the account they are in.

Deleted accounts—and the projects that were in them—cannot be recovered by any account or project member. Please contact Tracker Support for help with a deleted project or account.

Who can see your email address
Pivotal Tracker Data Deletion Policy