Not receiving email

If you’re not receiving emails from Tracker, the following tips may help:

  • Please check your spam and/or junk mail folder.

  • Check if you have any email rules that might be filing Tracker emails somewhere unexpected.

  • There might be a corporate spam filter that only your email administrator has access to. In this case, please contact your admin so they can help.

  • Was your email address recently created? If so, it may not be configured to receive email yet, so our attempts may have bounced. Please email Tracker Support so we can check our logs.

  • Make sure and are set as allowable senders and/or contacts.

  • Note that, in general, Tracker will not send you email about activity that you performed. For example, someone who receives “New Story” emails won’t receive them for stories that they create.

  • You may have your Notification Settings configured so that you aren’t receiving the emails you were expecting. The Notifications section has more on when Tracker will send you emails.

  • Does your email address contain any special characters? Some special characters, or character combinations, may not be supported by mail systems. Try changing your login email address to another email address you own, to see if that helps.

  • You can always contact Tracker Support so we can help.

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