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This integration will let you see unresolved topics from your Get Satisfaction support community and create corresponding stories.

Once enabled, the Get Satisfaction Import panel (under the More drop-down menu in your project) should list ideas and problems that you see in your Get Satisfaction management view (e.g., that are not marked as completed. Topics of type other than “idea” or “problem” (e.g., “praise”) will not appear.

Dragging from the Get Satisfaction panel will create stories with links to the corresponding Get Satisfaction topics. Because Get Satisfaction topics are publicly visible to your user community, they are not automatically updated based on story comments or state changes in Tracker.

To enable it, select Get Satisfaction from the dropdown on your project’s Integrations page, and enter the following information:


You can find this in the URL in your company’s community on Satisfaction (e.g.,


This can be found in your company’s Get Satisfaction URL when you’re looking at topics for a specific product (e.g.,