Managing projects with Workspaces

Workspaces allow you to view multiple project backlogs side by side, drag and drop stories between projects, search across all the projects in the Workspace, see all My Work stories across projects, share your Workspace configuration with others, and much more. You can create, manage, and view Workspaces from the Dashboard, and from the Projects dropdown in Tracker’s top navigation bar.

Then, with a few clicks, you can add the set of projects you want to see in a Workspace.

Workspaces help you make your team’s work across multiple projects transparent, so that every stakeholder can see overall status and progress at a glance. If your organization has multiple code repositories (e.g., a back-end server, a front-end web app, and a mobile app), Workspaces give you a way to see and manage dependencies among them. You can also coordinate supporting work such as design, testing, and DevOps using Workspaces.

Here are some actions you can do across multiple projects in Workspaces:

  • Drag and drop stories between projects.

  • Search across multiple projects, and download search results to CSV files.

  • See My Work across projects.

  • Use bulk actions such as adding and removing labels and deleting stories.

  • Share your Workspace with others so that that your unique configuration is instantly created for anyone with a link.

You can have multiple Workspaces, customize the panels that show and their order, and projects will automatically be color coded in your Workspace to keep everything crisp and clear.

See Working across multiple projects for more.

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