Feature deprecations

In our quest to provide the best customer experience by focusing on areas that provide maximum customer value, Tracker will occasionally remove features that have low usage and/or aren’t providing much value. This not only helps to alleviate feature bloat and declutter the UI, it creates a better environment for our team to provide higher value, faster.

The following tables list features that have already been removed as well as those targeted to be removed on a future date.

Already deprecated

Feature Removal date Notes
Favorited Sidebar Epics December 3, 2018 Although it’s no longer possible to add epics to your sidebar, epics that were already favorited will remain in user’s sidebars for a short while longer. We will notify those using the feature before completely removing it.
V3 + V4 API January 22. 2019 For more on this deprecation please see Tracker Developer API V3/V4 Versions Deprecated blog. For information on how to migrate over to API V5, please see Migrating to API v5.

Scheduled deprecations

Feature Removal Schedule Notes
Dense & Minimal Story Density Modes First quarter, 2019 In addition to these density modes having very low usage, they also cause a lot of confusion for folks who unintentionally find themselves in either mode. There are no plans to remove Projector Mode.
Time Tracking March 31, 2019 Time Tracking has not been available for some time, however, it was grandfathered for those using it. It will be permanently removed for those remaining users on March 31, 2019.
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