Story Activity report

The Story Activity report shows you story progress during a selected time period.

The Story Activity report allows you to do a couple things:

  • Identify bottlenecks. Having many started stories but few accepted stories might indicate too much work in progress.

  • Capture work activity. This may be required for auditing or compliance purposes.

Using this report

Click Story Activity in the Analytics sidebar.

Choose which iteration to report on. Alternatively, you can choose different time periods with the following Date Range menu items:

  • Past 14 days

  • Past 30 days

  • Past three months

  • Custom date range (within the last six months)

When you first go to the chart, it defaults to the current iteration.

Use the Story types dropdown to show only features, bugs, and/or chores, and Story activity level to select how much of the history of story activity to display.

When looking at the current iteration, this report shows stories grouped by their current state. When looking at a previous iteration, or a selected date range, it sorts stories by their final state at the end of the selected time period, so you can quickly see all accepted stories, all rejected stories, etc.

Mouse over initials to see someone’s full name, and click the story ID to open the full-page view of that story.

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