Using the sidebar

At the left of the project page, there’s a collapsible navigation sidebar so you can make more space for your stories. You can leave the sidebar open all the time, or if you need more space, click the sidebar toggle

sidebar menu icon at the top left to collapse it. When the sidebar is collapsed, mousing over the control auto-expands the sidebar until you mouse away. Or, click the control again to toggle the expanded sidebar back on.

sidebar menu icon Expanded sidebar sidebar menu icon Collapsed sidebar

The sidebar allows you to open or close Tracker’s main story panels (as well as your My Work), and set up integrations, saved searches, Project History, and the stories panel for your favorite epics.

The top of the sidebar has icons for velocity, project color, and story density. Mouse over each to see a tool tip or click them for options.

Navigating between projects and Workspaces