Selecting/changing a Tracker subscription plan

Paid plans are now available through an Enterprise subscription. It is no longer possible to pay with credit card. For more details, please see Pivotal Tracker Plans and our blog article ‘Pivotal Tracker subscription options are changing’ for continuing updates.

To downgrade your Tracker account you must be the account’s owner.

Downgrading an existing plan to free

  1. After signing in, click Accounts under your username, at the top right of Tracker.

  2. Click Manage Account to go to Plans & Billing.

  3. Under Plan Details, expand the Plan section by clicking EDIT on the right.

  4. If the free plan doesn’t cover your current collaborator and projects needs, you will see the message “Your account has too many collaborators/projects to qualify for this plan”. If you need help reducing your collaborators, please see Reducing the number of collaborators.

  5. Please click UPDATE on the right.

Monthly vs. annual billing