Selecting/changing a Tracker subscription plan

To upgrade or downgrade your Tracker account, or change credit card information, you must be the account’s owner.

Here’s how to choose/edit a Tracker plan:

  1. After signing in, click Accounts under your username, at the top right of Tracker.

  2. Click Manage Account to go to Plans & Billing.

  3. On the Plans & Billing page, you’ll find a list of the paid subscription plans that are available with a Choose Plan button next to each. (Plans that are too limited for the current content of your account will be shown as unavailable.)

  4. Click Choose Plan for the desired plan to open a form that shows you more details and prompts you to enter your credit card information. (Credit card information is only needed if you are upgrading from the Free Trial or Free plan to one of the paid plans.)

Downgrading your account

If downgrading your account, you will first need to make sure that the number of projects and the number of collaborators will fit within the limits of the new plan. We suggest archiving a project so it no longer applies to plan limits. If the project members are not in any private, unarchived projects in the account, they no longer apply to plan limits either. If an account is downgraded, no credit is issued for any previous payments made and we don’t offer refunds. For this reason, we advise waiting until just before a payment is due to downgrade.

Monthly vs. annual billing