Other free options

When your free trial ends, or if you create a new account, your account will automatically be on the Free plan, which allows up to 5 private projects and 5 collaborators (including yourself).

Paid (or sponsored) plans are only required to create private projects that don’t fit within Free plan limits. Participating in other users’ Tracker projects is free. Public projects, qualified nonprofits, and educators are all free. Additionally, archived projects do not count toward your account’s plan limits.

Public projects

By default, all projects in Pivotal Tracker are private, and accessible only to users you explicitly invite. Public projects are visible to anyone via URL in read-only mode, whether they are signed in to Tracker or not. However, to make changes to a public project, you must be an invited project member who is signed in. Additionally, anyone can self-join public projects as a viewer (read-only member) and follow stories.

Public projects are intended for use with open-source software development, or for any initiative that does not require data privacy. Public projects are free no matter how many members you invite to them, as they do not count towards project or collaborator limits on any plan.

As a project owner, you can make your project public by enabling the Public Access option on the Project Settings page.

Sponsored (Free) plans are available for qualified, tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, as well as accredited academic institutions and educators. They include unlimited private projects.

Requesting a nonprofit or academic Free plan

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for Pivotal Tracker.

  2. Sign in to Tracker. Click Accounts under your username at the top right of Tracker.

  3. Click Manage Account on the account for which you’d like to request a nonprofit or academic plan, then go to the Plans & Billing page. (To create a new account for this request, click the Create Account link on your Accounts page. Read more about accounts here.)

  4. At the bottom of the account’s Plans & Billing page, under the plans list, click the this form link under Qualified nonprofits and academic institutions.

  5. In the form, please let us know what type of plan you’re requesting (e.g., academic or nonprofit), the name of your organization, its URL, and a brief description of how you plan to use Tracker.

  6. You’ll receive an email when we process your request, typically within 5–7 business days.


We encourage students to use Tracker, and have a number of options available. If you do not require privacy for your projects, you can make your Tracker projects public (see above), which are free with unlimited collaborators. If you need private projects that won’t fit within Free plan limits, please ask your teacher, supervisor, or any full-time staff member to request a special academic plan.