Receiving billing receipts

To receive simple emailed receipts, you must be that account’s owner, or the owner needs to set a specific Billing email address. To do that:

  1. Go to Accounts > Manage Account > Plans & Billing
  2. In the Billing Information section, click Edit
  3. Add an email address in the Billing Email Address field
  4. Click Save

If added, all receipts or or other billing and payment related emails will be sent to the Billing email address instead of the Account Owner’s email address. If you prefer to continue to receive these emails, you might just set up a rule in your email client to forward Tracker receipts, for example, to accounting.

In any case, both account owners and admins have the ability to view, print and/or download detailed receipts from the Plans & Billing page.

Each time a payment is processed, a receipt is emailed to the address on file for the account owner’s login or the Billing email address. In addition, if you go to the Plans & Billing page for your account (click Accounts under your username, at the top right of Tracker, then Manage Account) and scroll down to the bottom, you will see a Payment History section listing your next billing date and the credit card transactions that have happened so far. When your card is charged, you can see a view receipt link for this transaction. Click this link to go to a printable/downloadable receipt for that transaction (which includes the Pivotal Tracker logo, company address, etc.).

Receiving an invoice

We only accept Purchase Orders (POs) or issue Invoices if you have an Enterprise plan. For all other plans, automatically recurring payments by credit card is the only payment option, and a receipt is produced when the card is charged (see Receiving billing receipts above).

Adding notes to receipts

If you have specific information you wish to see on the receipt, you can add notes that will be included when you print them. To do this, go to the Plans & Billing page (click Accounts under your username, at the top right of Tracker, then Manage Account) and scroll down to the middle section: Billing Information. Click Edit at the right of the section header. Enter the text that you want to be included on your receipts into Notes on Receipt, and then click Save. After this, when you click on any of the View Receipt links in the Payment History section, your text will be included on the receipt page for you to print.

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