Automatic vs. manual planning

By default, Tracker automatically moves stories to and from the current iteration based on the number of stories planned, their estimated points, and the project’s current velocity.

There may be times, however, when a team prefers to commit to more (or fewer) stories than Tracker estimates will be completed for the current iteration (e.g., early in the project, before velocity stabilizes).

To plan the current iteration manually, uncheck the Plan Current Iteration Automatically setting on the Project Settings page.

In this mode, you’ll have full control over stories in the current iteration. The only stories that will appear there are any in-progress stories, stories you’ve accepted since the start of the iteration, and stories you’ve explicitly moved there via drag and drop.

Click on the

manual planning icon icon (manual planning) at the top of the current iteration to see a reminder of the available modes, and for quick access to Project Settings, where you can return to automatic planning and see where your current and future iterations are based on your velocity.

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