Using story panels

You can rearrange, move, and where appropriate, clone panels in your Tracker Project and Workspace views. Panel arrangements are unique to each individual user and will persist unless explicitly changed.


By default, Tracker will automatically size story panels to fit your browser window. You can make panels wider or narrower by adjusting the size of your browser.

Rearranging panels

To move a panel to a new position, simply click on the panel header and drag it to the right or left of another panel.

Cloning panels

You can duplicate most story panels using Clone panel in the Panel actions menu at the top of a panel. This comes in handy when reorganizing a Backlog or Icebox with a large number of stories. For example, you can drag and drop from the bottom of one Icebox panel to the top of its clone.

Option to clone panels in the panel actions menu

Separating or combining Current and Backlog

The Current and Backlog panels are combined by default. Use Split current & backlog or Combine current & backlog in the Panel actions menu at the top of the panel to split or combine Current and Backlog.

Option to split or combine the current and backlog panels, shown in the panel actions menu

Expanding and collapsing iterations in the Backlog

Some future iterations in your Backlog may be collapsed by default. To expand a collapsed iteration, you can click on the arrow at the left of the iteration marker. To expand or collapse all iterations, use Expand all iterations or Collapse all iterations in the Panel Actions menu at the top of the panel.

Option to expand or collapse iterations in the Backlog, shown in the panel actions menu

Managing the Icebox
Seeing project history