Sign up and try Tracker

When you sign up for Tracker, your first account is automatically enrolled in a 30-Day Free Trial, which allows you to use all features (except enterprise features), create an unlimited number of projects, and invite as many people to those projects as you’d like.

If you do not upgrade your account to one of the paid plans before your trial ends, it will automatically transition to the Free plan. At that time, if your usage exceeds the limits of the Free plan, your projects will become read-only until you either (1) upgrade to a plan that supports your level of use, or (2) reduce the number of active private projects, collaborators, and/or file attachments.

If you signed up for Tracker before being invited to a project in your company’s account, even if you do not have any projects in your personal account, you will still see notifications that the Free Trial is ending. If you find any projects you are using are in read-only mode after the Free Trial expires, you need to either (1) pay for the account the projects are in, (2) move those projects to a paid account, or (3) make sure your usage fits within the Free plan limits.

A user login can create as many accounts as needed; however, only your first account will be enrolled in the Free Trial. By default, subsequent accounts will be placed on the Free plan, though you can upgrade to any one of the paid plans from the Plans & Billing page for the desired account.

When your Free Trial ends