Reseller guide

Tracker does not currently offer an affiliate, reseller or referral program. However we do understand that some customers prefer to use a third party to manage their subscriptions, and this article helps with that process.


Startup and Pro pricing plans (up to 250 collaborators) are static as well as publicly available from our main pricing page, which can be found here. They are also listed on the Plans & Billing page which the Tracker account owner has access to. For this reason, it’s not typical for us to provide quotes for those plans.

Please find the following pricing summary which includes annual pricing (beyond the discount received for paying annually, there are no additional discounts that can be offered).

  • STARTUP S: 5 collaborators, 5 projects, $15/month or $150/year, (for savings of $30)
  • STARTUP L: 10 collaborators, 10 projects, $35/month or $350/year, (for savings of $70)
  • PRO S: 15 collaborators, unlimited projects, $75/month or $750/year, (for savings of $150)
  • PRO M: 25 collaborators, unlimited projects, $150/month or $1,500/year, (for savings of $300)
  • PRO L: 50 collaborators, unlimited projects, $300/month or $3,000/year, (for savings of $600)
  • PRO XL: 100 collaborators, unlimited projects, $450/month or $4,500/year, (for savings of $900)
  • PRO XXL: 250 collaborators, unlimited projects, $750/month or $7,500/year, (for savings of $1,500)

To inquire about larger plans, please contact Support at

Payment methods

Credit card - Startup and Pro plans

Credit cards are the only accepted payment option for Startup and Pro plans. Receipts are emailed to account owners automatically for each recurring payment, and they can also be accessed in the app on the account’s Plans and Billing page. Receipts and billing related emails can also be configured to send to a separate billing email (other than the account owners).

PO/Invoice - Enterprise only

PO/Invoice-based payments can only be facilitated as part of our Enterprise offering. This offering includes features such as SAML-based single sign on, centralized user provisioning and management, organization-visible and discoverable projects, more comprehensive data retention for audit and compliance purposes, a higher level of support, and more.

If an enterprise plan is of interest to your customer, we’d be happy to provide more information and/or arrange a call to discuss further.

Purchasing a plan on behalf of your customer

If the customer already has an active account

You would first need to be made the owner of their account (they can transfer ownership to you as described here). Afterwards, you can select a paid plan and enter credit card details as described in the steps outlined here.

If the customer does not have an account yet

You can create a new account, and then choose/pay for a subscription plan for the customer on the new account as described here.

Questions? Feel free to contact us directly with any questions at