Payments and payment methods

Tracker accepts payment from all major credit cards—personal or corporate—including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

When a Tracker subscription charge is processed, a receipt is produced and emailed to the account owner (unless a Billing email address has been added to the account.

Customers who pay annually will receive a reminder email seven days before the approaching charge; customers who pay monthly will not receive reminder emails.

We only accept Purchase Orders (POs) or issue Invoices if you have an Enterprise plan. For all other plans, automatically recurring payments by credit card is the only payment option.

Migration to Digital River

As of August 18, 2021 we began migrating to our new payment processor and collecting sales tax where applicable. For more details, please see: New Payment Processor and Tax Collection

Starting September 2022 we will be using Digital River for our payment processor for all customers.

Failed payments

Should a subscription payment fail, the account owner (unless a Billing email address has been added) will be notified via email. Additionally, Tracker provides a 30 day grace period to allow time to correct this. During this time frame the charge will automatically be retried twice before the next regularly scheduled payment. If after the 30 day grace period the payment is still failing, the account will be placed in read-only mode until payment can be made.

At any point you can update your credit card information in Tracker, which will retry any past due amount immediately. However if you don’t need to update credit card information, it will be retried automatically on the next payment date listed on your Plans & Billing page. Alternatively, a member of the Tracker support team can manually retry the charge for you.

Canceling your subscription
Update your billing information