Trouble using Tracker

If you’re experiencing issues using Tracker, it may be related to some combination of your browser, browser version, OS, and/or extensions. Here are a few things you can try to get Tracker back to normal:

  • Please make sure you are using the latest version of one of our supported browsers.

  • Disable all your browser extensions/add-ons.

    • Browser exceptions can cause odd, slow, or broken behavior. If you use Chrome, try using Tracker in an Incognito window which should disable them all. If you find an extension in any browser that’s affecting your use of Tracker, please email and we can at least help contact the extension’s creator to try and get that fixed.
  • Force reload the page instead of a normal reload of your browser. To do this, go to the page, and in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, hold down the Shift key while you click page reload, or type CTRL+R or Command+R.

  • Clear your browser’s cache and Tracker cookies.

  • Try a different browser.

  • Check your system date and time and update them if needed. Some errors in Tracker may be caused by your system clock being incorrect.

If you’re still experiencing issues after attempting the above troubleshooting steps, please email Tracker Support and describe the problem, along with answers to the following:

  • What OS/browser/browser version do you use (and is the behavior any different in another browser)?

  • Did disabling your extensions/add-ons or using a different browser without them help?

  • Do you or anyone else see the problem on a different machine in your location?

  • Do you see the same behavior on a different network, such as another office or at home?

  • Is the problem isolated to one project or all projects? (If it’s isolated to one in particular, please provide the project ID.)

  • If applicable, please provide an ID for a story that demonstrates the problem.

  • If possible, please send one or more screenshots and steps (or a screencast) that show the issue or error message.

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