Projects report

Account owners and admins can export a CSV formatted list of all projects from the Account projects page.

The report includes the following fields:

  • ID (the project ID)
  • Name (the project name)
  • Project URL (the URL for each project)
  • Creation date (the date the project was created)
  • Last updated (the date of the last command initiated by a project member)
  • Type (possible values of private, public, shared or demo)
  • Status (possible values of active or archived)
  • Owner names (each project owners name separated by comma)
  • Owner usernames (each project owners username separated by comma)
  • Owner emails (each project owners email address separated by comma)
  • Member names (each project members name separated by comma)
  • Member usernames (each project members username separated by comma)
  • Member emails (each project members email address separated by comma)
  • Viewer names (each project viewers name separated by comma)
  • Viewer usernames (each project viewers username separated by comma)
  • Viewer emails (each project viewers email address separated by comma)
  • Total Memberships (total count of all viewers, members and owners)
  • Owner Count (total count of all owners)
  • Member Count (total count of all members)
  • Viewer Count (Total count of all viewers)

Accessing the Projects report

To access the Projects report:

  1. Click Accounts under your username or avatar at the top right of Tracker.
  2. Select Manage Account for the account you wish to manage membership for.
  3. Click the Projects tab, listed just above the listed plans.
  4. Click the Export Projects CSV button, just to the left of the Create Project button.
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