Contact Support

Whatever Tracker help you might need—we’re here for you! Email us at, ideally from the email address associated with your Tracker login.

To help us address your issue as quickly as possible, please include the following information:

  1. The email address associated with your Tracker login (if different from the address you’re writing from).

  2. The name or ID of the account you’re asking about;

  3. The name or ID of the project, or story, that has the problem; and

  4. The text of any error messages (and/or a screenshot—they’re worth several thousand words!).

Although we reply to emails from everyone, we respond to Enterprise and Standard plan customers first. We do our best to reply to urgent inquiries within a few business hours at most, and to all other questions sent to within 1–2 business days. We’re here 8am-6pm PST (16:00-02:00 GMT), Monday through Friday (except U.S. holidays).

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