Other integrations

The Other integration type allows you to add a modifiable, named external ID field to stories, or to create your own custom integration that allows importing of stories from external sources via drag and drop.

How to create an Other integration

Go to your Project settings, select Integrations, click Add an integration, and select Other.


This is the integration’s associated project.


Give this integration a name (e.g., “My Ticket System”). This will be the label of the external ID field in stories, and if you specify an Import API URL as well, this will be the name of the Import panel.

Base URL

This URL will be used to link stories to the external system. If your stories are to be linked to https://www.myticketsystem/1234, enter https://www.myticketsystem/ in this field.

Import API URL

This is optional. If you enter a URL, you’ll see a sidebar item that opens an Import panel in your project with data fetched from that URL. The URL must return XML in the following format (note that the story type must be one of feature, bug, chore, or release):

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <external_stories type="array">
    <name>More power to shields</name>
    <description ></description >
    <requested_by>James Kirk</requested_by>
    <created_at type="datetime">2008/12/10 00:00:00 UTC</created_at>
    <estimate type="integer">1</estimate>
    <name>I am story 2</name>
    <description >I am a description</description >
    <requested_by>I am the reporter</requested_by>
    <created_at type="datetime">2009/12/10 00:00:00 UTC</created_at>
    <estimate type="integer">2</estimate>

Based on the above XML example, you would see the following in your project:

You can drag these into the Icebox or Backlog, which will create Tracker stories with links to the external resources based in the external_id element in the XML. It’s possible to keep stories and corresponding external resources synchronized via the Activity Webhook and API.