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May 9, 2024

Thank you for your continued patience as we work towards bringing Pivotal Tracker to our many users under VMware by Broadcom!

As we continue to work on moving Tracker over, we have some news to share as our original intent has changed. We are no longer going to offer Enterprise plans as an alternative to our previous standard self-managed plans and are instead exploring the possibility of a new alternative commercial offering for Pivotal Tracker. In the meantime, we want to assure you that your access to Pivotal Tracker and your accounts will not be affected. Our existing customers will continue their access to Pivotal Tracker based on their current subscription limits including the number of collaborators and projects allowed under your current plans. If you need to expand your subscription, please email us at support@pivotaltracker.com and we’ll be happy to work with you.

We apologize as we do not yet have an estimated time for sharing details of a future Pivotal Tracker commercial offering. However, in the meantime we are committed to continuing Pivotal Tracker services uninterrupted until at least April 30, 2025. The previous June 30, 2024 deadline regarding subscriptions is no longer a factor.

At a time we are able to share details for a commercial offering of Pivotal Tracker, we will provide 90 days or until April 30, 2025 (whichever occurs first), to participate in the new offering before your account is downgraded to the free plan. Please see item 2 in our FAQ below for information about what happens when an account is downgraded.

We hope this alleviates any concerns about your current account status and we look forward to bringing you more news! Please do let us know if you have any questions.

Stay tuned for more details, and we appreciate your continued patience. Thank you for using Tracker!

April 2, 2024

Please also see the new FAQ section below.

We have a new extended deadline! The earliest your Tracker account will be downgraded to a free plan is on June 30, 2024. If your subscription is paid past that date, you will have 60 days past the subscription expiration date before Tracker is downgraded to the free plan.

If you’ve recently received a cancelation notice for the previous subscription plan for your Pivotal Tracker account, apologies for any potential confusion. Please know that the expiration date listed was the end of your original subscription. Your Tracker account will not be downgraded to free before either June 30, or the subscription expiration date plus 60 days (whichever is later).

If you have not already, please email us at support@pivotaltracker.com to request a quote and/or conversation regarding an Enterprise plan. We apologize, however we do not have an estimated time for contacting you. That said, we are doing our best to organize and schedule appointments as soon as possible. If you are on our waiting list, you will be contacted in time to have a discussion and explore subscription options before your subscription is downgraded to free. If you are working with us to upgrade to an Enterprise subscription, we will also be able to extend your subscription as necessary to provide adequate time.

If you already have a contact with our account executive team, you may also reach out to them for questions and assistance regarding Pivotal Tracker’s Enterprise license.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are contacting us to request a quote or conversation, please use your email address associated with the ownership or administration of your current account. This will help prevent a delay as we attempt to gather your account information. Thank you.

We appreciate your continued patience and thank you for using Tracker!

March 12, 2024

Pivotal Tracker “Startup” and “Standard” collaborator subscriptions are no longer available for purchase and auto-renewals will be discontinued soon. Going forward, Pivotal Tracker will be available for purchase as an “Enterprise” subscription. This will mean it is no longer possible to make payments via credit card. We will have more details about plans and payment options as well as next steps soon.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in providing more details and that more information is not yet available. We understand concerns about the quick timeline (mentioned below), as well as our users needing more information as soon as possible to make the right choices for their teams moving forward. The Tracker team is working hard to clarify and prepare these updates, and we will be refreshing this article as well as our Help Center pages as more information becomes available.

Full access to Pivotal Tracker will be provided until at least May 30, 2024 to provide time to learn more about your options going forward.

Once you have the information you need to make a decision, in case you decide not to continue using Tracker, monthly subscribers will be provided access for 30 days past the end of their paid subscription (or May 30, whichever happens last). Annual subscribers you will be provided access for 60 days past the end of your subscription. For details regarding exporting your data, please our Help Center article: CSV export. You may also wish to explore the Tracker API options as well: Tracker API V5

If you have already contacted us in regard to our Enterprise plan options, we will be replying back soon to discuss your needs.

As always, we thank you for being Pivotal Tracker users. We look forward to providing the answers and the options you need, and working with you to help you transition to a new subscription. Please keep an eye on the ‘WHAT’S NEW’ drop down at the top of your Tracker projects for new announcements, and do email us at support@pivotaltracker.com with any questions, concerns, or feedback you have.

- Your Pivotal Tracker team


1. If I take no action, when will my Tracker account downgrade to a free plan?

  • Your Tracker plan will continue until April 30, 2025 under its current plan limits or until 90 days past the announcement and availability to participate in a new commercial offering of Pivotal Tracker.

2. What will happen to my projects if I let my account automatically downgrade to free?

  • When your account downgrades to a free plan your projects will be archived and available (read-only) to the account owner, account admins and any owners of those projects. It will be possible to unarchive any projects that will fit within the limits of the free plan (5 collaborators, 5 projects).

3. Will the previous free plans still exist?

  • Yes, free plans will continue.

4. Will I have access to my past invoices?