Canceling your subscription

We’re sorry to see you go and hope you’ll come back soon! Meanwhile, if this has to be the end, here’s how you can cancel your paid plan:

  1. Click on Accounts, under your username at the top right of Tracker.

  2. Click Manage Account for the account you wish to cancel, then go to Plans & Billing.
    The 'manage account' button on the accounts page

  3. Under Plan Details, expand the Plan Type section.

  4. If the option to choose the Free plan is unavailable, click the Projects tab above the listed plans.
    The 'Plans and billing page', showing the projects tab and that a free plan is not available

  5. Mouse over each project and click Archive, then click OK on the confirmation dialog.
    The projects tab, with a link to archive a project

  6. Return to the Plans & Billing tab and select the Free plan.

  7. Select Submit to confirm your changes.

Deleting your account

If you’d like to stop using Tracker completely, and remove all projects/data and billing information, please follow the steps listed in Deleting your account.

Payments and payment methods