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See Tracker project activity in your Campfire chat room!

Tracker project activity displayed in the Campfire chat room.

How to create a Campfire integration

Go to your Project settings, select Integrations, click Add an integration, and select Campfire.

Integration configuration


This is the integration’s associated project.

Campfire subdomain

This is the name of your Campfire account, and the first part of your Campfire URL (e.g.,

Campfire API authentication token

Find this by clicking My Info in Campfire.

Room ID

The Room ID is the last part of the URL when in a Campfire room (e.g.,


Check this box if you have SSL enabled for your Campfire room.

Publish new stories and epics

Check this box to enable notifications when new stories and epics are created.

Publish story state changes

Check this box to enable notifications when stories are accepted, delivered, or rejected.

Publish story comments

Check this box to enable notifications when comments are added to stories.