Story owners

If you click Start on a story, you will automatically become its owner. A story can have up to three owners at any given time. For instance, a story might be owned by a developer pair plus a tester, or a by developer pair and a designer.

To add an owner, just click + to the right of the Owners row in an expanded story.

Story owner field in an expanded story

To remove someone, click their initials or profile photo in the Owners row, then click Remove.

Option to remove an owner after clicking their initials in the story owner field

You can view a larger image of an owner’s profile photo by hovering over the small image.

If you are an owner on a story, you can hover over your own profile photo in the story and click on the hover card to update your profile photo.

You can see stories that you own but aren’t actively working on in the My Work panel.

Estimating stories
My Work panel