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Steve Lichtenstein

Case Study: SenseGrow

Since 2014, SenseGrow has been providing software that allows their customers to connect their products to the Internet of Things. We spoke with Co-Founder and CEO Atindra Chandel about productivity, shaping agile processes to work best for his team, and their evaluation matrix. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Wrapping Up 2016 and Looking Ahead

Thank you for a great year! As we head into the sunset of 2016, we’d like to look back at what’s been happening with Tracker, and share a peek at the not-so-mysterious future. Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

How to Build a Pipeline of Technical Talent

There has been a lot of conversation in the tech community about how to build a pipeline of computer scientists for the next generation, bring awareness to groups that aren’t current represented, and improve diversity numbers. Read more...

Jim Semick

Tying Roadmap Strategy to Agile Planning

Are you focusing on the backlog but missing the big picture? In this article, I’ll talk about how to prioritize your roadmap, give you techniques for ordering your backlog, and show you how to tie your strategy to your agile planning. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

How to Integrate Kanban with Tracker

Kanban boards are a popular development tool that allow teams to visualize their projects’ workflow, with the goal of making progress clear to team members and stakeholders alike. They also foster an environment of continual improvement, which is partly why many software delivery teams use Kanban to manage their product development. Tracker provides the flexibility to incorporate facets of that workflow through a number of settings tweaks (like changing the nature of point estimates or using labels and epics to mimic different story states). Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

How to Nurture a Team of Top Performers

Working on teams is great because we get to share our skill sets and learn from one another as we build. However, there are moments that prove to be challenging, like…when you think you’re in agreement with your team, get to work, then days later the decision gets shot down. All that wasted time, energy, and effort! Read more...

Kat Boogaard

Why Time Tracking is the Secret Sauce for Agile Teams

When it comes to agile software development and time-tracking, people seem to fall into two totally different camps. There are those who view tracking time spent on project activities as absolutely crucial for being as effective and efficient as possible. And, the others? Well, they roll their eyes, call it a complete waste of time, and almost physically recoil at the thought of such a “Big Brother” concept. If you’re nodding your head and thinking that you belong in that first group, we wish we could shake your hand—hey, we’d even get matching t-shirts if you’re up for it. But, if you’re one of those skeptics in the second group? Well, we’re here to convince you of the magic that is time tracking in agile development. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Case Study: TINT

With clients as diverse as Wimbledon, Krispy Kreme, and Bad Girls Club, TINT is reimagining how companies present their social media content. From their charming offices in San Francisco’s Mission district, we talked with CTO Nikhil Aitharaju about how the content-marketing platform got started, the evolution of social media, and getting their agile sea legs. Read more...