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New Standup Update Utility (beta) for Tracker

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Introducing the Standup Updates Utility (beta) for Pivotal Tracker

Standup ceremonies in a remote working environment can be long and overkill if your team is distributed across many locations or team members prefer to work remotely.

Pivotal Tracker announces an exciting new feature - the “Tracker Standup Update Utility”, which allows teams to post daily standup updates for all or selected projects within the account. If you’re looking to streamline your team’s standup ceremony and foster better collaboration, then join the beta now!

The standup update utility aims to streamline communication and keep team members informed about project progress in a structured manner. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to enable and use this new tool effectively.

Account owners or admins can configure the Standup Updates utility in Pivotal Tracker to help foster effective daily standup communication. This tool enhances transparency, coordination, and productivity within the team, making it easier to stay informed about project progress, identify and resolve any blockers promptly. It’s another feature in an already robust project management tool, enabling teams to stay focused and help them keep aligned with their product goals.

How to Use Standup Update Utility

  1. Get access to the Beta version by contacting Tracker support
  2. Configure a Standup Update Project in Tracker
  3. Follow the required format to start adding daily updates
  4. Use the Standup Update utility along side the Tracker Slack integration to automate the daily updates from your team
  5. Follow the easy steps mentioned in the Tracker Help page article to start using this utility.

Incorporating the Slack integration with the Standup Updates Utility in Pivotal Tracker brings even greater convenience and efficiency to your daily standup routine. Take advantage of this seamless integration to enhance collaboration and keep your team well-informed. Unlock the power of Pivotal Tracker and Slack integration today, and experience a more streamlined and effective standup process for your team.

Over the past few months, the Pivotal Tracker team has continuously evolved this utility, starting from manual updates within the Pivotal Tracker UI to the current seamless integration with Slack. The experience of using this feature has been highly rewarding for the Tracker team in terms of increased productivity and improved tracking. The ability to automate standup updates and consolidate information from multiple projects has further streamlined communication and hence fostered better collaboration.

In conclusion, the Standup Updates utility in Pivotal Tracker, combined with the Slack integration, offers a robust solution for efficient daily standup ceremonies. By automating the generation of standup updates, tracking individual progress, and delivering comprehensive reports, you and your teams can stay aligned, address blockers promptly, and achieve your project goals more effectively. We hope that the Standup Update utility can supercharge your team’s standup routine and help you and your teams achieve your project goals.

As always, please don’t hesitate to share your feedback by emailing us at or by selecting Provide Feedback under the HELP menu in Tracker. We love hearing from you!

–The Tracker Team–