Branding Guidelines

Need to use Pivotal Tracker logos and branding assets? We're into it—everything you need to know is here.

General guidelines

This page will show you how and when you can use the Pivotal Tracker marks to show off your Pivotal Tracker integration or link back to us.

These uses of the Tracker logo are A-OK:

  • to link to
  • to indicate that your product integrates with Pivotal Tracker
  • in blog posts or news articles about Tracker

Please do not use the Tracker logo in these nefarious ways:

  • in a version that is modified from the ones below (i.e., resized, flipped, rearranged, or isolated)
  • in your logo
  • to claim formal affiliation with Pivotal or Pivotal Tracker

General guidelines regarding use of our marks are available here. For any other use, please contact us.

Pivotal Tracker primary logo
Pivotal Tracker alternate logos
Pivotal Tracker icon

Developer branding guidelines

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in using the Pivotal Tracker API, and can’t wait to see what fun things you come up with. We also want to stay out of your way, so we’ve kept our branding guidelines as simple as possible so you can get your app into our Integrations Directory with the quickness.

Naming your application

Whatever you name your app or integration, it should be clear to anyone that this is something unique, created by you, and not something from Pivotal, Pivotal Labs, or Pivotal Tracker. To that end:

  • Don’t use "Pivotal" as the first word in your application name.
  • You may use “Pivotal” in the naming of an app if it’s at the end of the name, as in “Beyoncè’s app for Pivotal Tracker,” or “Beyoncè’s Pivotal Tracker Integration,” or something to that effect.

Get listed in our directory

We’d love to share your app with our users. To get listed in our directory, simply send an email with the following information:

  • The name of your app
  • An image or screenshot from your app (cropped so that no browser or phone is showing)
  • A logo, if it doesn’t include or look similar to the Pivotal Tracker logo
  • Short and long app descriptions (short: fewer than 50 characters)
  • Your name, company name (if there is one), and your Tracker account ID (under username > Accounts > Manage Account > Settings)

Media kit

All your Tracker needs are right here: hi-res logos, screenshots of the Tracker app, a fact sheet, and all these branding guidelines. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line.