A single view of all your priorities keeps your team on the same page so you can smartly manage projects.

Stories define your project

Every project starts with a story, no matter what you're building. Tracker helps your team better develop and keep track of them while they progress from start to delivered.

Get to know Tracker

Start with a quick tour that covers the basics, as well as Tracker's fundamental units of work: stories.

Automatic planning keeps your team in a rhythm

Get predictable and stay that way: Say goodbye to managing timelines and meeting unrealistic expectations, and let velocity do the planning.

Workspaces put your projects in order

Set up your perfect space: use multi-project workspaces to view your projects side-by-side and juggle various responsibilities on one screen.

Analytics show the forest and the trees

Gauge how well your team is functioning: Analytics illustrate overall project health through both the broad trends and the nitty-gritty details.

More features to help you deliver

Go cross-functional: a litany of features—including story blockers, a powerful and easy-to-use API, and a new GitHub integration—provide everything you need to ship your best product.


Don't miss a thing: configure notifications to get the updates and messages you need, when you want them, at your desk or on the move.

Mentions and Following

User mentions are where it's @: bring people into story conversations with simple @mentions, and follow stories you're involved with or interested in.


Find what you need: powerful search syntax supports nested Boolean expressions. Save common searches for later, or share them with the team.

File Sharing

Enhance your stories: drag-and-drop mock-ups, presentations, and other files from your computer, or attach them from Google Drive.


Make a big to-do (or a small one): keep your story duties in line with a simple checklist and revel in the joy of checking them off the list.


Put a label on it: organize and monitor stories with searchable labels to make your workflow more visible and call out stories that deserve attention.

Story Blockers

Watch out for roadblocks: Story blockers help make project impediments highly visible so your team can collaborate to resolve them.


Build the perfect beast: Tracker's functionality is exposed via the REST API, allowing you to create a variety of tools and integrations.

Project History

Follow the breadcrumb trail: view everything that's happened in a project from day one to see how code changes are mapped to product decisions.

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Apps and Integrations

Visit the Integrations Directory to discover more than 140 third-party apps built by our community that extend and enhance Tracker's functionality.

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