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Jeremy Jarrell

What Chess Can Teach You About Product Management


Chess — the game of kings. For most, chess is a lifelong journey, a skill crafted over years of study. But, unlike most chess enthusiasts, I didn’t discover chess until well into adulthood…and several years after I jumped into the field of Product Management. However, this late discovery afforded me the chance to recognize the parallels between this ancient game and the emergent field of technology Product Management. Read more...

Jeremy Jarrell

INVEST Questions Are More Than Just Yes Or No


It’s no secret that agile teams thrive on collaboration. So much so, that this phrase has been echoed as a warning against over-detailing stories for decades. But, even the most agile-leaning teams tend to benefit from some refinement to their stories to create clarity on what the team is trying to achieve with those stories. Read more...

Ronan Dunlop

What does it really mean to be a happy Product Manager


Let’s face it, being a Product manager is stressful. Deadlines, metrics, team dynamics, changing priorities, attention to detail, big picture thinking, oh and backlogs that continue to grow and shame us with their mere existence. It’s also not uncommon to think we’re not doing as well as we could and that other organizations are probably doing a better job. Read more...