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Nathan Swain

Customizing Your Tracker Experience

Customizing Your Tracker Experience blog post featured image

Tracker’s interface is designed to provide a customizable experience to suit the needs of various roles and needs. This post will help ensure you’re getting the most out of Tracker, with features such as resizing and rearranging panels, cloning panels, splitting/combining current and backlog, pinned searches, workspaces, and more. Read more...

Joel Montvelisky

How to Integrate Testing into an Agile Workflow with the PractiTest and Pivotal Tracker Integration

How to Integrate Testing into an Agile Workflow with the PractiTest and Pivotal Tracker Integration blog post featured image

No one can doubt that today, most companies and industries already firmly embrace agile for their planning, development, and operations processes. But one of the last questions that remains unanswered when moving to agile is, “What to do with testing?” To put it simply, organizations do not really know how, with whom, or when to do testing when they switch over to agile, and so the question lingers: What is the agile testing workflow? Read more...

Nathan Swain

Tiny Icon, Much Passion!

Tiny Icon, Much Passion! blog post featured image

Tracker recently experimented with our browser tab favicon, with the primary purpose of introducing a new feature to show if you have unread in-app notifications. While doing so, we also altered the look of the icon and Tracker logo. Wow, did we ever receive passionate feedback about that! We definitely took that feedback seriously. Read more...

Lisa Crispin

Discovering Tracker: Search

Discovering Tracker: Search blog post featured image

Among its other bells, whistles, and doo-dads, Tracker provides powerful search capability to quickly find what you need. Welcome to Discovering Tracker, a new series that will spotlight various features in Tracker to help you get the most out of using it. Read more...