Pivotal Tracker

New payment processor and tax collection


Notice of new payment processor and tax collection

This is a service announcement to update you about upcoming changes to our payment processor as well as tax collection (where applicable). It applies to customers who pay for Tracker with a credit card. There will be no changes for Enterprise customers.

On August 18, 2021, we will begin the process of transitioning to Digital River as our new payment processor.

All customers who start paying for Tracker on or after that date, will immediately have their payments processed by Digital River. If your credit card billing address is in a location that charges tax for SaaS applications, we will be passing those taxes on. In the past we’ve paid these taxes for you, however tax collection is necessary to allow us to more fully ensure tax compliance.

The account owner and any account admins will also be able to check what the tax amount will be on the Plans & Billing page for the paid account, after August 18.

Account owners and admins will also see some changes to the Plans & Billing page, however for the most part the payment and subscription management experience will remain the same.

At this time, these changes will not affect renewals or upgrades for subscriptions that existed prior to August 18, 2021. We will post additional articles regarding when existing subscriptions will be affected and account owners (or billing email addresses if used) will also be sent email notifications in advance.

What else will change?

  • Your continued paid use of Pivotal Tracker tells us you accept and agree to the Terms of Sale and the Privacy Policy of Digital River Ireland Ltd., also that you expressly authorize and permit Digital River to automatically renew your subscription using the payment information you provided, until you cancel. If you do not accept, to opt-out immediately, please cancel your Pivotal Tracker subscription.
  • If you accept:
    • The charge on your credit card will show as coming from: DRI*PVTLTracker
    • A complete receipt will be sent via email
    • A separate formal VAT receipt will also be emailed to you, if applicable

If you have any questions, would like help or need a refund, email us at support@pivotaltracker.com

Finally, and most importantly, thank you for using Tracker.