Pivotal Tracker Enterprise

An enterprise solution for modern software teams.

A new layer of transparency

Tracker’s living audit trail and proven workflow provide a transparent core that will transform your organization so that it moves at the speed of a startup.

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Transform how you work

Most vertical companies have experienced the shock of being significantly disrupted by new software-centric competitors. For established players to survive and succeed, software development must become the focal point of their digital transformation strategy.

That’s where Pivotal Tracker fits in. With a shared view of team priorities, a process that fosters collaboration, and robust tools to analyze progress, Tracker is the foundation of the modern software team’s workflow, and the key to delivering better software.

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“Pivotal Tracker is the best project management software we’ve come across. Behind a simple, slick UI hides a powerful, feature-rich tool that is tailor-made for lean, agile teams, demanding that we focus on what is most important in the short term.”

—Lachy Wharton, MotoMe.com.au

Single Sign-On

Seamlessly integrate user management and access control (including multi-factor authentication) with your existing SAML 2.0-based user identity provider (e.g., Okta, OneLogin, and Ping Identity).

Live Audit Trail

Tracker is your living audit trail, with extended historical data retention. See over 2 years of full history for every story in the UI, or export via the API.

Organization-Visible Projects

Break down the silos so everyone with organization-level access can see how projects are progressing. Allow anyone at your company to easily discover and join your projects.

Dedicated CSM

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to your account will support your Tracker efforts from start to finish. A CSM can help with onboarding, Q&A, and tying it all together.

Custom Pricing

Enterprise accounts include flexible, active-collaborator pricing, with unlimited viewers (read-only users) and projects. Plans are financed via a purchase order and invoice.

Priority Support

Start your teams on the right foot, and get help whenever it's needed—Enterprise accounts get the highest priority support.

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"Pivotal Tracker is a core tool for the team that is used on a daily basis. It helps solidify in a tangible way the way we work—singular focus, ruthless prioritization—and allows for the team to calibrate their own level of description required to deliver their software.

"Tracker is also a powerful metric for how things are progressing. It’s a tool used to help explain and demonstrate prioritization, story writing, the size of the story, really everything that goes into the creation and prioritization of the Backlog is done with and in Tracker."

—Antonio Melo, Practice Leader for the Digital
Experience Center

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