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Nathan Swain

Managing Reviews Made Simpler!

Managing Reviews Made Simpler! blog post featured image

With the release of our newest major feature (Reviews), we’ve received a record amount of feedback from users like you! We’re using all of this fantastic feedback to shape how Reviews will evolve going forward, and also have some first round improvements that we’re ready to share with you. Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

Why You Should Build a Brand-New Product Instead of Rebuilding or Redesigning One

If you’ve been building a product for a while, you know it’s natural to start accruing tech debt and product debt. And there comes a point when it becomes really hard to add new features without paying down the debt through rebuilding or redesigning the product. However, there may come a point when neither of those makes sense, and you may be evaluating building a brand new product. Read more...

Peggy Graham

Intro to Tracker Webinar: October 24

Intro to Tracker Webinar: October 24 blog post featured image

Please join us for a free training webinar on Wednesday, October 24, at 11 am PDT. We’ll go over Tracker basics, including creating a project and adding, estimating, and prioritizing stories, as well as workflow and automatic planning. Read more...