Nathan Swain

Managing Reviews Made Simpler!

Updates Productivity

With the release of our newest major feature (Reviews: Representing the entire team), we’ve received a record amount of feedback from users like you! Not only was this huge validation to our team that we’re providing value to our customers, we’re enormously appreciative of all the constructive thoughts you’ve taken the time to share with us. We’re using all of this fantastic feedback to shape how Reviews will evolve going forward, and also have some first round improvements that we’re ready to share with you.

Much of the feedback we’ve received has been related to the ability to track your or someone else’s Reviews, as well as the ability to isolate Reviews of a certain type and state. As a result, we’re happy to announce two new search operators which should help teams accomplish both of these goals; combined review type and status searches, as well as assigned reviewer searches.

Searching on Reviews in Pivotal Tracker

Query stories containing reviews of a particular type that are in a specific status

You can now filter stories containing reviews of a particular type that are also in a specific status. To do so, use the review search keyword to combine the review type and status values separated by an ampersand (review:[review_type]&[review_status]). For instance, the following query will return all of the unstarted stories that need a testing review; review:"Test (QA)"&unstarted.

Note: When performing a combined review type and status search, the review type must be specified before the status.

Query stories containing Reviews assigned to a specific person

You can now query stories containing reviews where the specified user has been assigned as the reviewer. For instance, the following search will return all stories on which Princess Leia is a reviewer; reviewer:"Princess Leia".

Note: You can search using the person’s full name, initials, the username, user id or part of their name.

For more on searching with Reviews, please see Reviews: Representing the entire team, and scroll down to Searching on reviews.

There’s more to come!!

We really hope that these changes will help you better manage your Reviews, and please be on the lookout for future improvements down the line. And as ever, we can’t wait to hear your continued feedback! You can let us know what you think about these changes, or any others you’d like to see by using the Provide Feedback widget under Help in Tracker, via Twitter, or by emailing us.