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Pivotal Tracker and Slack: Project Updates Just Got Easier

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Tracker and Slack both help you communicate and get things done with your team. Tracker is changing how teams build software and Slack is where work communication happens. That’s why we’ve built a Pivotal Tracker app for Slack to help connect the work your team has prioritized with the communication tool you love to use!

Every day, teams use Pivotal Tracker to smartly manage software projects. Now, you can see, share, create, and update stories in Tracker directly from Slack.

Here’s a look at what we’ve built:

Receive notifications when mentioned in comments and blockers

The new Pivotal Tracker app privately DMs you if you’ve been mentioned in a Tracker comment or blocker.


Easily share stories with coworkers in Slack

We all know that bouncing back and forth between multiple tools to discuss work can get tiring. Now you can make the conversation flow by posting stories you’re working on together directly in Slack using the URL or the slash command: /tracker story ID #.


Create new stories in Tracker from Slack

Quickly create a new story from Slack using the new slash command, /tracker add_story. You can create all the story types - features, bugs, releases and chores galore!

Add a story via Slack

Update the state of stories

Our Pivotal Tracker app for Slack lets you change the state of stories right in Slack.

Change State

How to add the integration

Please install the Tracker app for Slack found in the Slack App Directory. Or click the button below:

Add to Slack

Pivotal Tracker users can also connect to Slack via their Profile page.

Learn more and get help

What is Slack? Learn more about Slack here.

Where do I go for support? Visit Tracker’s Help Center article for more information or email us.