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Jeremy Jarrell

Measuring the Business Value of your Stories

Measuring the Business Value of your Stories blog post featured image

Many agile teams have become obsessed with speed. How fast can we release? How fast can we close stories? How fast can we deliver to market? What too few fail to realize, however, is that none of this speed matters unless what the team is delivering is actually providing value to their organization. Read more...

Laura Fletcher

A Case Study in Iterating Lean: Reviews

A Case Study in Iterating Lean: Reviews blog post featured image

We hear it all the time: to build impactful products, follow the build-measure-learn feedback loop. But while that sounds clear in theory, it can feel very fuzzy in practice. Tracker would like to share a case study example of how we implemented this process in iterating on our recent Reviews feature. Read more...

Nathan Swain

Managing Reviews Made Simpler!

Managing Reviews Made Simpler! blog post featured image

With the release of our newest major feature (Reviews), we’ve received a record amount of feedback from users like you! We’re using all of this fantastic feedback to shape how Reviews will evolve going forward, and also have some first round improvements that we’re ready to share with you. Read more...