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LambdaTest now integrates with Pivotal Tracker


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This guest post is from Rahul Rana at LambdaTest, the fastest growing testing cloud platform that allows developers and testers to perform both automated and manual cross browser testing.

LambdaTest now integrates with Pivotal Tracker

Collaboration is vital for any long term success and the right support from our peers can help us go a long way. When it comes to project management, we have to juggle between various tools to get our job done. But what if there was an option to integrate all these tools and work seamlessly without any distraction.

Any new web application that’s about to go to live, needs to go through staging and rigorous testing. Finding any UI bugs, checking for any cross-browser compatibility issues and communicating the same with the team, as and when the bugs arise, can be a big hassle for any project. With so many browsers and their different versions available, not to mention several operating systems along with varying distribution, it’s no big surprise if you end up missing a bug or two.

LambdaTest’s integration with Pivotal Tracker was created to solve this issue. This integration will help you log your bugs from LambdaTest’s portal to your projects on Pivotal Tracker. Now you can easily report any bugs or discrepancies with your team on the go.

What Is LambdaTest?

LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross browser testing tool, which is scalable and helps developers and teams validate their application over 2000+ real browser, browser versions and operating systems with the screen resolution of your choice. You can perform both manual and Selenium testing using their online Selenium Grid.

What’s more is you get numerous integrations to third-party tools for project management, codeless automation testing, CI/CD, instant messaging and more to help your product reach the market faster, while ensuring a robust UI for your web-application across all browsers.

What Makes LambdaTest A Right Fit?

Accelerated Development

With LambdaTest, Developers have all the right tools and infrastructure at their disposal needed to hasten their Development process. Web Application reaches the target audience at a much faster rate than ever.

Well-Equipped Application

With several tools like Firebug at their disposal, developers identify bugs easily in their code and resolve them swiftly.

Live Bug Logging

Developers don’t have to worry about logging the bugs, as all the browsers are already installed with Rich Internet Application (RIA) such as Flash, Silverlight, Shockwave, Quicktime, and more.


With seamless integration with various debugging and communication tools, LambdaTest makes it easier and faster for developers to push their website in a live environment.

Scalable Solution

LambdaTest’s solution is scalable as it supports teams of any size be it an individual, small team or big enterprise.

Constant Support

With 24/7 support, LambdaTest’s support team goes the extra mile to resolve support tickets quickly.

LambdaTest + Pivotal Tracker

We realize how exhausting it can be to find bugs in a web application and then reporting bugs to colleagues as they occur. With LambdaTest’s selenium automation testing tools, you can schedule tests and report bugs to your team when they occur.

Pivotal Tracker’s integration with LambdaTest will enable you to log any bugs in your Pivotal Tracker project as you perform cross-browser testing. Any bugs or discrepancies in the browser can be captured by taking screenshots. You can even mark the bug and then send it to your team along with a summary of the issue. The issues get populated automatically on your respective projects.

To discover how simple it is to integrate LambdaTest with Pivotal Tracker, simply hop over to our support documentation for the integration.

Wrapping it up!

There are two major hurdles when it comes to cross browser testing your application: Finding bugs across several browser OSs and browser combinations, and communicating to the team through long and clustered email chains.

Integration with LambdaTest can help you cross these two hurdles. Thus clearing any roadblocks on your project management, and helping you deliver a flawless web application much faster.

Rahul works as a Product Marketer at LambdaTest. With his rich experience in the startup world, he wants to help businesses reach new heights. An avid tech blogger, he also dabbles in music and loves getting lost in fantasy adventures.