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Author: Candice Yono

Candice Yono

Deliver User Value Faster with CI/CD Integrations


Delivering user value quickly and reliably are key behaviors for businesses to succeed. As a PM or developer, it can be challenging to keep track of what features your team is delivering and when. It can be even harder to communicate progress to stakeholders who might not be in tune with the team’s day to day cadence. Connecting your backlog with the CI/CD tools that your team uses can provide more insight into what your team is doing, and help you better track the path to production. Read more...

Candice Yono

Story Cycle Time Now Excludes Weekends!


The Tracker Team has been working on an exciting update that makes your team’s Story Cycle Time more representative of the work that your team is doing. This update is now live for all projects and applies to your past and future cycle times. Read more...