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Introducing new Bitbucket and Bitbucket Server Integrations

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Introducing new Bitbucket and Bitbucket Server Integrations

Back in 2018, Pivotal Tracker built an integration with GitHub, making it much easier to connect your code to stories. But this didn’t help those of you who use other Source Code Management tools. That’s why we are excited to announce our new Bitbucket and Bitbucket Server integrations!

Next time you want your Bitbucket branches, commits, and pull requests to show up in Pivotal Tracker, just add our new integrations!

So what does this integration do?

Automatically attach pull requests, branches, and commits*

Adding pull requests, branches, and commits in Tracker is a great way to improve your team’s development process, but attaching them manually can turn into an afterthought. These integrations automatically connect your code to stories and epics.

*Note: The API for Bitbucket Server does not currently support commit messages. We’ve submitted a feature request to their team, which you can track here.

Pull requests

Pull requests make it easier for developers to collaborate and discuss changes before shipping to your main project. Bitbucket pull requests attach to your Tracker stories and epics so that everybody involved can quickly access the work and review the changes.


Branches enables developers to separate pieces of work from your main master branch. On the Tracker team, we create a branch for every feature and work on that branch until the feature is finished. Similar to pull requests, our new integration will automatically connect branches to the Pivotal Tracker story or epic you are working on.


Commits represent units of work that are committed to a repository. We link your developers commits in Bitbucket in the activity on Tracker stories. You can easily refer back to work done and never have to leave your Tracker story.

How to get started

For information on setting on our new Bitbucket and Bitbucket Server integrations, please review the linked support articles. If you have any difficulty setting this up on your project, please contact us at

Not using Pivotal Tracker and Bitbucket?

Stay tuned for more SCM integrations coming soon!