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Reverse story creation order in panels!

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Since the dawn of Tracker, newly added stories were always placed at the top of the Icebox or in the case of the Current, Backlog or combined Current/Backlog panels; above all other unstarted stories. There was no ability to change the default behavior so that stories would go to the bottom of panels, which left some customers with a different process disheartened.

The Tracker team is very happy to announce that it’s now possible to change where your newly added stories are placed in your panels! Instead of them being placed at the top, you now have the ability to send them right on down to the bottom of the pile.

Simply select the Panel Actions menu in the top right, and choose Add stories to bottom of panel from the drop-down.

The setting is “sticky” and will respect your preference until you change it. Currently you can change the behavior for the combined Current/Backlog, the Backlog and Icebox panels. The behavior is not available for stand-alone Current or Epic Stories panels.

Finally a little tip for when you add several stories one after another, but want them at the top of a panel; you can shift+click to multi select before you drag/drop. If dragging within a panel with a lot of stories in it, clone that panel and drag across vs. up!

Note: If you do not see the feature, please hard-refresh your browser to receive the latest changes from Tracker.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to share your feedback in the comments below, by emailing us at or by using Provide Feedback under the Help menu in Tracker. We love hearing from you!

–The Tracker Team–