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Thomas Osugi

Recovering Deleted Stories


Losing a story in Tracker is no fun, whether it’s because of a simple mistake or because Bob and his glitchy delete fingers were running amok in your backlog. In either case, we now have a solution—your Project Owner can go to Project Settings and view the 100 most recently deleted stories. With one click, you can recover any or all of those deleted stories and thwart Bob’s nefarious plans once and for all. Read more...

Jeanette Head

Improving Accessibility in Pivotal Tracker


Last year at a conference, I attended an open spaces session on accessibility and it really caught my attention. Since then, I’ve been taking steps to help our team build an understanding and appreciation for accessibility and the ways that we can improve Tracker with accessibility in mind. Read more...

Lisa Doan

Introducing Profile Photos


Tracker has always believed in software as a team sport. We are a tool built to help teams collaborate and build better software—not just faster, but together. But for a tool that helps people collaborate, we’ve always represented people by initials that—except in rare examples—don’t really capture your teammates’ personalities, or scan easily. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Android v1.2.2—Now with Blockers


As we approach the second birthday of the Tracker Android app—we can still remember when it was just a burping alpha—it’s worth noting how much it continues to improve. On that point, the latest update includes even more functionality that brings the Android of our eye more in line with the Tracker web app. Version 1.2.2 is available now—go get it! Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Tracker Developer API V3/V4 Versions Deprecated

The current version of the Tracker Developer API (V5) was introduced almost four years ago, and has since continuously evolved to support new Tracker features, such as the recently launched story blockers. It supports JSON payloads, flexible response customization, CORS, access to analytics data, and much more. Read more...

Lisa Doan

Improved Project Member Management


We’ve updated the Project Members page to be faster, more reliable, and easier to use! The page hadn’t been revised in a number of years, and some of our larger customers had begun to see marked slowness in its performance. We took the opportunity to not only improve the design of the page but also to revisit its core functionality. Read more...