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Lisa Crispin

Tracking Multiple, Related Projects


Pivotal Tracker was originally created in the days when agile teams and their products tended to be small. All these years later, those teams have grown, and larger companies have adopted agile values, principles, and practices. Managing multiple projects, often among multiple teams, brings a new set of challenges. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

New Feature: Preventing Accidental Story Deletions


Throughout the course of history, humanity has learned to develop new and improved ways to correct or mitigate its mistakes. In 1770, the first widely available rubber eraser replaced the use of crustless bread to get rid of errant marks. In 1942, an Iowan farmer became the first person to exclaim “Argh! Do-over!” after mistakenly plowing over his recently planted crops [citation needed]. And now, continuing in that great tradition, Pivotal Tracker is introducing a new feature intended to prevent accidental multiple story deletion. Read more...

Joanne Webb

Your Feedback and a Change to How We Support You


You may have noticed a Provide Feedback link in the Help & Updates menu, when you’re in a Tracker Project or workspace. We have big plans for that little widget. Though it’s currently intended only for feature requests and comments you don’t necessarily need an answer to, we’ll be improving it so you can find it anywhere, and use it for any reason you want to talk to us. Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

How to Build a Community of Evangelists for Your Software Product

Product Hunt did a phenomenal job building up a following. The founder, Ryan Hoover, started with a simple email list that grew into a strong community of evangelists eager to use the product every day. In today’s episode of FemgineerTV, we’ll cover how he did it. Any new startup—even if it’s not social or community based—can use these strategies to drive word-of-mouth recommendations for their product. Read more...