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Charlie Springer

Tracker Meetup in San Francisco

Tracker Meetup in San Francisco blog post featured image

Attention Bay Area Tracker users! As you’ve probably noticed over the last couple of weeks, we’re back in action from a long winter of rebuilding Tracker from the ground up and have some new features out. There’s much more to come, and we’d love to have you at Pivotal Labs SF for a drink up and Q&A with the team. Perhaps even a sneak peek at the upcoming redesign and the new API! Read more...

Marlena Compton

Tracking Nairobi Dev Camp

Tracking Nairobi Dev Camp blog post featured image

On the Tracker team, I love hearing great stories about our users and the things they are able to accomplish using agile methodologies and collaboration. I’m also a woman in tech and have a keen interest in supporting other women as well as other diverse groups who work persistently to reach their goals in tech. One story I’ve been following lately is the story of Tracker user Martha Chelimo Njeri Chumo (“Njeri”) and her teammates. Read more...

Nina Mehta

Remote Control

Remote Control blog post featured image

Most people who have worked remote will agree—nay—commiserate on how hard it is. I’ve done it before, and while it never really gets easier, you learn to get used to it. Read more...

Ronan Dunlop

Tracker Ecosystem: Member Tracker

“I’ve been looking for a couple months for the right third-party tools, and couldn’t find them, so I decided to make my own,” said Brian Noah from eGood. We love and admire that initiative in our users, especially when they build something this cool. The app he had to build is called Member Tracker! Read more...

Paul Davis

Gansen and Kunesh on Agile Development in the Obama 2012 Campaign

Gansen and Kunesh on Agile Development in the Obama 2012 Campaign blog post featured image

The Obama 2012 campaign has been hailed as the most tech-savvy and data-driven to date, a sophisticated operation led by CTO Harper Reed. Reed had no problem finding developers eager to join the campaign—the challenge was finding people up for the formidable task before them. A Presidential campaign poses unique challenges: an environment where volatility is the only constant, developers must iterate often, yet there is little margin for error. To meet this challenge, Reed and his team placed an emphasis on people who could resolve problems and learn quickly, rather than focusing on a particular skill set. Read more...

Lisa Crispin

Making Testing Visible in the Tracker Workflow

Making Testing Visible in the Tracker Workflow blog post featured image

As a feature story progresses through the Tracker workflow, a lot of testing activities are also underway. Team members are collaborating to turn examples of desired behaviors into business-facing tests that guide development. Testers are performing manual exploratory testing on stories as they are delivered. Performance or security testing may be underway at some point in the development process. Read more...