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Poornima Vijayashanker

How Investors Add Value Beyond the Check

If you’ve been following along with the show, you’ll have learned what the investor-founder dynamic is like from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur. In the last episode, I sat down with the CEO & Co-Founder of StyleSeat, Melody McCloskey, to understand what it takes to raise capital at the various stages of a startup, from Seed to Series A and beyond. In today’s episode, we’re going to get the opposite perspective by diving into an investor’s mindset. We’ll try to understand what compels them to write a check and, more importantly, how they add value beyond a check. Read more...

Matt Conger-Eldeen

One Weird Trick to Switch from Polling to Push—with Zero Downtime!


Pivotal Tracker is an always-up-to-date tool that you leave open all day. When Tracker was young, the only way to accomplish that was some variation of HTTP polling. But the web has evolved since then, and so have the protocols. Websockets are supported by every major browser, and server-sent events are supported by most (with hacks for ones that don’t). Push technologies are a viable option for change propagation. Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

What It Takes to Raise Capital for Your Startup

You’ve probably noticed the ongoing debate about whether or not we’re in a tech bubble. Headlines are always gushing about the latest companies with billion-dollar valuations. There’s a lot of investment capital out there right now, and if you’re a startup founder who hopes to raise money, you might be wondering what it takes to attract some of that capital to you. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

How to Use Zapier to Integrate Pivotal Tracker with GitHub, Trello, Harvest, and More


On its own, Pivotal Tracker is a robust tool for collaboration and planning. When it has the opportunity to play well with other apps, however, it can really shine. Our friends at Zapier have made that linking process easy by putting together the definitive guide for integrating Pivotal Tracker with a variety of useful apps to create an even more powerful ecosystem. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Android Version 0.8—Now with More Stories!


Back in July, on these very Interweb pages, we discussed the release of the Tracker Android Alpha. We explained our reasoning for putting out a less-than-fully-featured app, as well as—framed by a certain Talking Heads song reference—what the road map looked like for subsequent versions. At this point, get your camera and passport ready, because we’re ready to make the next stop on our journey: version 0.8 of the Android Alpha. Read more...

Poornima Vijayashanker

The Art vs. Science of User Experience Design

In the new episode of FemgineerTV, we’re going to talk about the balance of science and art that goes into amazing design and discuss the building process behind products that delight users every single time. To help us out, I’ve invited Pauly Ting, a user experience designer who has helped brands like Bloomingdale’s, Lexus, and American Express to reveal their purpose, express their personality, and deliver a complete and authentic user experience. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

We’re on a Road to Somewhere—An Android App!


There are all sorts of universal truisms in life: the lure of the cold side of the pillow, the joy of an empty airplane row, the need to release your product’s app on both the iOS and Android platforms. On this last point, Tracker has succeeded at the iOS half of the equation, but lagged behind on the Android front. No longer! We’ve heard (and sympathized with) you, Android users, and we’re pleased to finally release our Android Alpha into the Google Play wild. Read more...

Nathan Swain

Migrating to Pivotal Tracker from a Third-Party Tool


Welcome to everyone who recently started using Tracker! If you were using a different project management tool previously, you probably have tickets or stories you’d like to get into your Tracker projects. One convenient way to migrate them over to Tracker is to place them in a CSV file that’s compatible with Tracker’s import tool. Below, we’ve outlined five easy steps to accomplish that. Read more...

Emanuel Petre

A Commitment is Not a Guarantee


If your team uses Scrum as a development process, the team decides which of the next most important items it can complete by the end of the iteration. However, this “commitment” is often used to hold the team accountable for the amount of work that will be shipped by the end of the sprint. Holding your team accountable for failing to deliver on their engagements is counterproductive and will act as a regime of terror. This is no small issue, and Scrum now suggests using the word forecast instead of commitment. Read more...