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Poornima Vijayashanker

How to Build a Happy and Productive Remote Team

While most companies think of remote working as a cost-cutting option, Ben Congleton, the CEO and Founder of Olark, sees it differently. He and his 30+ person team, which spans San Francisco to Europe, see remote working as a positive investment. And not just the traditional benefits that most people think about, like reduced commute time and increased hours of productivity. No, Ben sees it as a golden opportunity to recruit the best talent from anywhere. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

New Year, New Tracker, New Pricing


2015 is here, hopefully it’s off to a great start for you and your projects! It’s hard to believe, but Pivotal Tracker will be turning 10 this year. What started as an experimental internal tool at Pivotal Labs, a small consultancy in San Francisco at the time, grew into one of the world’s most popular agile project collaboration apps, bringing focus and transparency to thousands of teams around the world. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

New Pivotal Tracker UI and API V5 Now Out of Beta!


There’s a fresh, newly redesigned Pivotal Tracker, with a ton of new features, optimized for growing teams. But you probably already know that, because most of you have been using it for months now! Thanks for all the great feedback, Tracker wouldn’t be what it is today without such a passionate and involved user community. Read more...

Joanne Webb

Google Drive and Sign-in Update


Now you don’t even need to sign in with Google to add Drive files to your stories. Clicking the new Drive icon in an expanded story will either use the Google identity you are currently signed in with or prompt you to sign in to Google. Read more...

Joanne Webb

Attaching Google Docs for (Nearly) All!


As promised, we’ve added to what you can do when you sign in to Tracker with Google. Now, you don’t have to integrate Tracker with your Google Apps domain to be able to attach your Google Drive files to stories, after you next sign in via Google. Read more...

Lisa Crispin

The Wonders of Workspaces


Visibility is a wonderful thing. Making your team’s work transparent lets every stakeholder judge current status and progress at a glance. This transparency also reveals impediments—is one story blocked by another? Is something holding up progress? Are some activities turning into bottlenecks? Seeing a snapshot of a team’s current status and progress is also a conversation starter: “I have a question about this story—oh, I see that Joe, Debbie, and Mary are all working on it, I will ask them.” Read more...