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Ronan Dunlop

Tracker Ecosystem: Member Tracker

“I’ve been looking for a couple months for the right third-party tools, and couldn’t find them, so I decided to make my own,” said Brian Noah from eGood. We love and admire that initiative in our users, especially when they build something this cool. The app he had to build is called Member Tracker! Read more...

Paul Davis

Gansen and Kunesh on Agile Development in the Obama 2012 Campaign

Gansen and Kunesh on Agile Development in the Obama 2012 Campaign blog post featured image

The Obama 2012 campaign has been hailed as the most tech-savvy and data-driven to date, a sophisticated operation led by CTO Harper Reed. Reed had no problem finding developers eager to join the campaign—the challenge was finding people up for the formidable task before them. A Presidential campaign poses unique challenges: an environment where volatility is the only constant, developers must iterate often, yet there is little margin for error. To meet this challenge, Reed and his team placed an emphasis on people who could resolve problems and learn quickly, rather than focusing on a particular skill set. Read more...

Lisa Crispin

Making Testing Visible in the Tracker Workflow

Making Testing Visible in the Tracker Workflow blog post featured image

As a feature story progresses through the Tracker workflow, a lot of testing activities are also underway. Team members are collaborating to turn examples of desired behaviors into business-facing tests that guide development. Testers are performing manual exploratory testing on stories as they are delivered. Performance or security testing may be underway at some point in the development process. Read more...

Ronan Dunlop

Tracker and Wazoku Webinar

Tracker and Wazoku Webinar blog post featured image

Last month we introduced an exciting integration between Tracker and Wazoku’s awesome idea software. Wazoku is ideally suited to all you Product Managers looking for the tools to capture the best product ideas from across the business, filter and prioritize them and then in a single click create the story in Tracker. Read more...

Charlie Springer

Tracker Screencast: How Many Ways Can You View a File Attachment?

Tracker Screencast: How Many Ways Can You View a File Attachment? blog post featured image

This screencast covers a lot of bases. Check it out to see file attachments and full page story view in action! There are a couple ways to attach files. Drag them into an open story or press the paper clip button, and don’t forget, you can drag in multiple files at once! Click the cogwheel to download or delete the image. The same rules apply in full page story view. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Tracker Now on CloudFront

For the third time this week, we experienced more CDN issues this morning, causing images and CSS to not load properly for users in places like Toronto, New York, and others. We did everything we could to get our CDN provider to resolve the issue, but at the same began investigating other options. Read more...