Lisa Doan

Epic Renovations: Changing How Epics Auto-Complete (Plus Searchable Epics)


Since the dawn of time (Tracker), Tracker has marked epics as done as soon as all scheduled stories are done. This meant that epics that contained stories in the Icebox could be marked as completed…even though there was work that hadn’t been started. This was so that unplanned stories lurking in your Icebox wouldn’t keep your epic open forever. However, we got quite a bit of customer feedback that many folks didn’t consider an epic done until all stories in it are done!

Epics are no longer auto-completed if there are stories in the Icebox

So we’ve changed the rules so that epics will no longer be auto-completed if there are stories in the Icebox. If you want to mark an epic that has stories in the Icebox as done, you can move the Icebox stories into a new epic or replace the epic label with a regular label, for example. For epics with all their stories in a done state and none in the Icebox, Tracker will still automatically mark the epic as done.

Epics with stories remaining in the Icebox.

Tracker has a powerful search engine to help you find the stories you’re looking for. We’ve added search keywords for epics. Just enter epic:“epic name” to find all of the stories in an epic. Alternatively, you can search for all stories that have yet to be sorted into an epic with no:epic. More keywords and search tips here.

Users can search for epics in Workspaces

You can also search for epics in Workspaces. If you have multiple projects working on the same effort, you can tag all of the stories with the same epic label and find them in Workspace view.

As always, we value your input and want to know if these new changes to epics are working out. Please get in touch via the Provide Feedback widget under Help in any project, contact us on Twitter, or email us.