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Lisa Doan

Epic Renovations: Changing How Epics Auto-Complete (Plus Searchable Epics)


Since the dawn of time (Tracker), Tracker has marked epics as done as soon as all scheduled stories are done. This meant that epics that contained stories in the Icebox could be marked as completed…even though there was work that hadn’t been started. This was so that unplanned stories lurking in your Icebox wouldn’t keep your epic open forever. Read more...

Joanne Webb

More, Better, Faster—CSV Import/Export Now with Epics!


Though your stories look gorgeous in Tracker, exporting to CSV is a handy way to make a backup, share a different view of particular stories, do bulk updates, make a report, or create a project template. To make getting stories into and out of Tracker easier for you, we’ve improved several aspects of CSV import and export. Read more...

Joanne Webb

Using Epics for Your Project


We recently launched epics, to make it easier to plan and track progress of large features at a high level. Whether you are in the early stages of defining your product or have a Pivotal Tracker project you are working in already, epics can help you manage your work more effectively. In this article, we’ll show how to create epics, for a hypothetical shopping site project. Read more...

Ronan Dunlop

Introducing Epics: They’re Like Stories, but Bigger

We’re proud to introduce a brand new feature to Pivotal Tracker: epics. Epics are a powerful management tool providing teams with big-picture detail. It sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s what epics offer—the ability to zoom out and zoom in at the same time. Read more...