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Author: Lisa Doan

Lisa Doan

Introducing Profile Photos


Tracker has always believed in software as a team sport. We are a tool built to help teams collaborate and build better software—not just faster, but together. But for a tool that helps people collaborate, we’ve always represented people by initials that—except in rare examples—don’t really capture your teammates’ personalities, or scan easily. Read more...

Lisa Doan

Improved Project Member Management


We’ve updated the Project Members page to be faster, more reliable, and easier to use! The page hadn’t been revised in a number of years, and some of our larger customers had begun to see marked slowness in its performance. We took the opportunity to not only improve the design of the page but also to revisit its core functionality. Read more...

Lisa Doan

New Project Permissions


Over the years, we’ve received a lot of feedback from users about the difficulty of joining projects. Previously, only Project Owners or Account Admins could add users to a project, which put the burden of managing the project memberships of many on just a few users. Read more...

Lisa Doan

How Can Analytics Help You?


Now that Analytics are out of beta, you may be thinking, “Shiny! But how does this help me?” We’ll start to answer that by digging into some ways you can use the project Overview page to understand your team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. Read more...