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Jeremy Jarrell

How to Use Blocking and Tackling for a Great Iteration Planning Meeting Every Time


Backlog refinement is a practice intended to help you keep the top of your backlog in a refined state so you can have better iteration planning sessions. But despite the value backlog refinement can yield, there is no officially prescribed approach for how to do it. However, if you’re looking for a simple way to introduce this practice to your team, then don’t despair: there’s an easy approach that you can use with your team today. Read more...

Ronan Dunlop

Product Stack Webinar: Product Management’s Role in a Modern Cross-Functional Team


Join us for a panel discussion on product management’s role in modern cross-functional teams as the Product Stack welcomes Heidi Helfand, Director of Engineering Excellence from Procore Technologies and author of the book Dynamic Reteaming, along with Agile Coach Jennifer Payne from ProductPlan, Product Manager Hadrien Raffalli from Pivotal Tracker, and VP of Products and UX Kevin Steigerwald from Jama Software. Read more...

Nathan Swain

Customizing Your Tracker Experience


Tracker’s interface is designed to provide a customizable experience to suit the needs of various roles and needs. This post will help ensure you’re getting the most out of Tracker, with features such as resizing and rearranging panels, cloning panels, splitting/combining current and backlog, pinned searches, workspaces, and more. Read more...