Dan Podsedly

Performance Improvements, New Features, and a Peek at the Road Ahead


If you’re among the folks who have been wondering whether we’ve been trapped under a rock or lost the source code to Tracker, fear not! We are alive and well, and our coding fingers are in fine shape. Many of our efforts over the last few months have been focused on making Tracker rock-solid stable and secure, as well as iterating on brand-new features to improve the overall experience. But it’s one thing for us to say “We’ve been busy!” and hope you take our word for it; we thought it would be more useful to outline what we’ve been working on.

One major change related to the improved stability and performance theme is that Tracker now uses push instead of polling for client synchronization. This means that project changes and notifications should now appear immediately.

Cutting and pasting in Pivotal Tracker

Also for Chrome users, the one-click copy-to-clipboard feature (for story URL and IDs) no longer depends on Flash.

When copying story or epic IDs to the clipboard, note that we now prefix the ID with a # (or ## for epics). This makes it easier to paste the IDs into story descriptions or comments, and have them turn into automatic story/epic links. You can then mouse over those to see details about the linked item.

We’ve been hard at work refining our new reporting and analytics features. Thanks to all those who provided feedback on these features so far. We’re now just around the corner from releasing these to everyone, so stay tuned!

Iteration Report in Pivotal Tracker Analytics

Our mobile app teams have also been hard at work. We just released a fresh update of our Android app, and a new version of the iOS app is coming up soon.

And if you’re wondering, yes—one aspect of all these new features is that we’re expanding. Check out our Jobs page if you’re interested in getting in on the action.

We’re looking forward to a lot of excitement in 2016. As always, we welcome your input throughout the process. Please send your comments via email.