Matt Heidemann

Introducing Annotations


Say farewell to time spent writing a long comment describing where something is wrong. Gone are the days of seeing a comment and wondering, “What?! I don’t see it.” Here(!) are the days of taking a screenshot, dropping a pin on it and appending a note to succinctly and specifically say what you want to say.

We’re pretty excited about annotations. We believe annotations should cut down on miscommunications quite a bit. Whether you’re a designer pointing out the wrong padding, a PM noting that an interaction is incorrect, or a developer asking for specifications on a UI—annotations will help you big time.

Annotations are currently on iPhone and iPad, so they are particularly terrific for iOS development; any image in your Camera Roll can be used for annotations. If you see something wrong in your latest build, merely take a screenshot, drop a pin on the problem area and write about how to correct your issue. You can even leave multiple pins, pins are numbered as you drop them. As you drop those pins and leave notes, it will create a Markdown numbered a list with those notes. It’s easy.

Check out the video to see a quick demonstration of how annotations work. Big thanks to fellow Pivot Drew McKinney for letting us use his app, Listacular, in our example.

Pivotal Tracker: Annotations from Pivotal Tracker on YouTube.